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"We only have to capture 1/10,000th of the solar energy landing on earth to completely satisfy all our energy needs.”
Ray Kurzweil

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Akcome USA is a joint venture between Translucent Energy, Inc. and Suzhou Akcome Optronics Science & Technology Co. ,Ltd (a division of Jiangsu Akcome Science and Technology Co. Ltd.) for the purposes of establishing integrated manufacturing facilities in the USA for solar PV modules, cells, wafers and ingots. The company will manufacture “Made in USA” panels under the framework of the Inflation Reduction Act, helping to re-shore this key industry and creating thousands of permanent jobs along the way. Focusing initially on tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) technology, Akcome USA will quickly expand into manufacturing heterojunction (“HJT”) panels with the benefit of Akcome’s global leadership in this technology. In the lead up to the commercial operation of the US factory in 2025, Translucent Energy will also be exclusive importer and distributor of Akcome panels for the USA.

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